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Sparkys Now Electrician in Seaford – Temporary Supply Pole

A Sparkys Now electrician in Seaford had the important assignment of installing a temporary supply pole. This particular pole needed to be a type designed with easy access, as well as being able to feed power to four relocatable buildings on a local commercial site.

Not only was the whole task something which really required patience and meticulousness. Our electrical contractor also had to ensure that he duly met the Energy Safe Victoria requirements for installing electrical supplies using a builder’s temporary supply pole.

Some of the common requirements included a minimum size for the pole (150 millimetres for preservative treated poles and 125 millimetres for hardwood poles), as well as placement of at least two stays with a minimum 75mm x 38mm, 3000 millimetres in length. These stays had to be properly secured to the pole and pegs using at least two galvanized coach screws of adequate size.

Temporary Supply Pole Job by Electrician in Seaford

Also, the pegs themselves had to be a minimum of 600 millimetres in height and driven to 450 millimetres in depth. A pole cap needed to be placed as what is required for any electrical pole. And as for the main switch, it should be no higher than 2 metres from the ground.

Being the true professional he is, our licensed electrician in Seaford did the task seamlessly and thoroughly. The whole job was finished without any cut corners whatsoever. That resonates with how we do things at Sparkys Now. We value integrity, precision and organisation from the moment begin an assignment in any property or building. We pride ourselves when clients tell us that they’re completely satisfied with the work done, and that is consistently the case.

Sparkys Now offers electrical contractor service for clients who are based in Seaford as well as other suburbs around the Melbourne South East region. We provide quick, same day services usually within the hour. Contact us now or give us a telephone call at 1300 856 242.


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