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Commercial and Industrial Lighting

Deciding on the best type of commercial lighting can affect the effectiveness and productivity of your business. Sparkys Now team knows just how important lighting can have on your employee and customer satisfaction, that is – the overall success of your business. We customise our commercial and industrial lighting services to your particular requirements – it is our job to make your business thrive!
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Commercial and Industrial Lighting Differences

Industrial lighting refers to solutions installed in factories, refineries and chemical plants. It can be of key importance for spotting hazards and dangerous conditions, which means that a smart choice of lighting can create more optimal and safer working conditions for your people. With quality industrial lighting, your workers will perform better and happier, which ultimately affects the success of their work.

Commercial lighting refers to solutions installed in businesses operating in the hospitality industry, education, multi-unit residences, large corporate properties, etc. Commercial lighting is commonly tailored in such a way that it creates a particular atmosphere and sets the mood of the interior. For instance, lighting is specially set up to motivate shoppers, calm restaurant and cafe visitors, or induce productivity with smart office lighting.

Why Sparkys Now

Sparkys Now team of electrical professionals has been working with commercial and industrial clients in Melbourne for years. What we learned in this business is that each client comes with a unique set of wishes and ideas and it is our job to meet them. We don’t rely on a cookie-cutter approach but make sure to schedule a meeting to learn everything we can about you and try to come up with a commercial lighting solution that will meet your requirements.

We continue to diversify our range of services so that we could help you with any electrical challenge you are facing, no matter how big or small they may be. Sparkys Now team is at your service to help repair any lighting issue on your commercial or industrial property, or install a new office lighting system from the ground up.

Working for a variety of companies, we got to see what are some of the best industrial lighting and commercial lighting solutions. Thus, if you cannot make a decision on your own, Sparkys Now electricians can advise on whether to use led lighting or traditional lighting for your business space.

Remember – we offer a warranty on all our work, so if anything goes wrong after we complete a commercial building lighting project, call us back and will return ASAP to fix the issue – free of charge!

Get in touch now for same-day support. In many cases, a technician will be at your doorstep within the hour!

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