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Sparkys NOW provide fast and cost efficient test and tag services. All our work is carried out by qualified electricians, so you know you are receiving the best service on the market.

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‘Test and tag’ refers to the procedure of safety checking electrical appliances. The process involves testing appliances and leads using specialised equipment. Once a Sparkys NOW electrician deems a device safe for use, we place an industry standard tag on the device to indicate its compliance has been professionally certified. If you operate a business in Victoria, carrying out regular testing and tagging procedures is mandatory. Our qualified technicians are experienced with test and tagging procedures and can ensure you are meeting all legal requirements to promote on-site safety. Sparkys NOW offers test and tag services for industrial and commercial sites, as well as on-site ‘at home’ service for contractors, to ensure all working conditions meet industry standards.
Test and tag service

Our Test & Tag service includes:

  • A Visual Check of Appliances & Leads
  • Electrical testing of the appliance using the latest technology
  • Both single phase and three phase appliance and lead testing.
  • Tagging of the item if it is found to be electrically safe in accordance with Standard AS/NZS 3760:2010.

Whilst onsite we can also do the following:

  • Replace any damaged or faulty equipment leads found to be faulty.
  • Check trip times and current settings of any installed safety switches and replace if required.
  • Check radiation leakage levels of any onsite microwave ovens.
Sparkys NOW will also provide a certificate of compliance upon request. For all Test and Tag services, give us a call today on 1300 856 242.
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