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Sparkys NOW professionals provide fast and cost-efficient test and tag services. All our work is carried out by qualified electricians, so you know you are receiving the best electrical testing services on the market.

‘Test and tag’ refers to the procedure of safety checking electrical appliances. The process involves testing appliances and leads using specialised equipment. Being in the business for so many years, we understand just how important it is to rely on state-of-the-art equipment. It allows us to complete our test and tag services with due diligence – as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Once a Sparkys NOW electrician deems a device safe for use, we place an industry-standard tag on the device to indicate its compliance has been professionally certified. If you operate a business in Victoria, carrying out regular testing and tagging procedures is mandatory. It is of prime importance for a business to make sure that the electrical fittings and appliances used by staff and visitors are safe – and it is up to our electricians to ensure this safety.

Our qualified technicians are experienced with test and tagging procedures and can make sure you are meeting all legal requirements to promote on-site safety. Sparkys NOW offers test and tag services for industrial and commercial sites, as well as on-site ‘at home’ service for contractors, to ensure all working conditions meet industry standards.

Sparkys Now team carries out appliance test and tag services in accordance with the set state regulations. Our people have a ton of experience conducting electrical testing services for commercial and industrial clients, so you can count on us to get in and out before you know it. Aside from ensuring absolute safety for your staff and visitors, our electrical testing services can help you discover some minor electrical issues you were unaware of. Our team will not just detect it, but also fix it on the spot and thus prevent any greater and costlier issue from occurring in the future.

Take some time to look at the table below and see what you can expect when you decide to get test and tag services from Sparkys Now.

Our Test & Tag service includes:

Whilst onsite we can also do the following:

Sparkys NOW will also provide a certificate of compliance upon request. For all Test and Tag services, give us a call today on 1300 856 242.
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