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If our experience has taught us anything, it is that an electrical issue, no matter how minor, is best treated right away. At this point, it is nothing but a quick, routine fixup, but if you decide to wait and not call a professional maintenance electrician, you might be looking at a much greater issue. As a result, you will be facing a more complicated procedure that will be harder and more expensive to repair.

For this reason, Sparkys Now team continues to emphasise the importance of scheduling a regular appointment with our maintenance electrician. His job is to perform routine maintenance procedures and repairs because the system is susceptible to wear and tear. To complete his work with utmost attention to details, our maintenance electrician uses advanced testing equipment and employs his expert skills so that he can diagnose even some minor issues.

If our maintenance electrician notices that there’s room for improvement or that an issue we detected is likely to cause greater damage to the system, he will propose the best plan of action. Right there on the spot, you will know which fixes are required and how much they will cost you.

We pride ourselves in our portfolio of satisfied clients who were so happy with our work that they always chose us for any future issues they had in their home or office.

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Why Sparkys Now

We are experienced

Our maintenance electrician has the skills and proper certification that is required to perform routine checkups for our residential and commercial clients. We also invest in our team’s education so that they have the knowledge and the skills required to deal with even some more advanced, state of the art systems.

We are local

Sparkys Now operates in the entire Melbourne – from Berwick and Dandenong, down to areas including Mornington and Mt Martha. Owing to our experience, we know what are some of the most common issues that occur in the area and know how to spot them early on. Addressing them at this stage, we prevent any minor problems from causing greater damage to the system.

We are fair

Our maintenance electrician is widely-praised for honesty – we are always upfront and happy to discuss the work and price of our services in advance so that you know what you are getting into. With Sparkys Now, there are no hidden fees and costs once the job is finished!

We are always at disposal

Sparkys Now know that some electric emergencies cannot wait, which is why we have established a 24h emergency service. We always have an electrician on-call, ready to jump in an equipment-packed vehicle and arrive at your location to fix the problem.

Get in touch now for same-day support. In many cases, a technician will be at your doorstep within the hour!

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