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Has the time come to renovate your home? Whether you are in a house or an apartment, it is advisable to include electrical upgrades to your home renovation project, as well. Sparkys Now employs experienced and reliable home renovation electricians who are at your service no matter how demanding the project may be.

Look at electrical renovation as an investment in a more safe and cost-efficient future! Let’s be honest here – with old or faulty wiring, you are looking at years of regular issues that are not just inconvenient, but also costly to address. Furthermore, some minor issues caused by the old wiring system may cause greater problems, putting you at risk and debt. Paying a little extra today when you are already renovating your home means you are investing in a stress-free and secure future for you and your entire family.

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Do I need to invest in electrical home renovation services

Home renovation electrical projects are recommended for people who live in homes with electrical wirings that are more than a (few) decades old. Furthermore, it may be the best solution for people who struggle with different or the same electrical issues on a regular basis – even if the wiring is not that old, it still may be bad and require replacing.

When you schedule a home renovation project, especially if you plan on opening walls and ceilings for any other reasons, Sparkys Now can arrive and complete an electric home renovation project. It will then be easier for us to gain access to the system, discover the root of the problem and fix it by replacing the system. Pre planning is the key to being more cost efficient.

What our Home Renovation Services Entail

Sparkys Now was established with a mission to become the go-to provider of electric solutions. We continue to expand our services on offer so that we can answer your every need. We never say no to a project, no matter how big or small it may be.

We are at your disposal to help you complete an electric home renovation project. Just some of the things we can do for you are:

  • Repair any cable damage
  • Repair or replace damaged sockets and light switches
  • Replace a fuse box
  • Repair or replace a faulty power socket
  • Install, repair or replace the old smoke alarm
  • Install, repair or replace the solar hot water system
  • Rewire entire system

And so much more! We have the tools and the skills to cope with any challenge. Our home renovation electricians are knowledgeable and experienced and have an ace up their sleeve for any problem they face.

Get in touch now for same-day support. In many cases, a technician will be at your doorstep within the hour!

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