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Electrician in Morning Peninsula for Solar System Work

Sparkys Now Electrician in Mornington Peninsula – Solar System Installation

We had our Sparkys Now electrician in the Mornington Peninsula work on a project involving a considerable amount of digging, building and connecting. It was basically an underground assignment in which our electrical contractor did a power upgrade to facilitate the installation of a 10-kilowatt solar system on the roof of a property.

Given the nature of the project and scale of the affected area, this project consisted of different sub-tasks which had to be followed in a particular order. The first part comprised the more physically demanding activities of underground trenching work, which was why service truck appointments had already been pre-arranged.

This was then followed by the installation and supply of the new 3 phase consumers mains and the new switch board. Shortly after, there came the part of distribution network paperwork, as well as the inspection and certification of the completed works done through a third-party private inspection company.

Our licensed electrician in the Mornington Peninsula went through all the necessary tasks seamlessly. Like the true professional he has always been, our electrical contractor fulfilled each step thoroughly and was able to finish this multi-phase project without cutting any corners.

That is exactly the kind of reputation that Sparkys Now continues striving to uphold. We have got a high regard for working with integrity, organisation and precision from the minute we set foot in any house, building or commercial property. We take real pride every time a client smiles and tells us that they are completely satisfied with the results of all the hard work we have put in. Thankfully that has consistently been the case.

Sparkys Now offers electrical contractor service for clients who are based in Mornington Peninsula as well as other suburbs around Melbourne’s South East region. We provide quick, same day services usually within the hour. 

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