Sparkys Now Electrician in Seaford – Temporary Supply Pole

temp power outage skye

A Sparkys Now electrician in Seaford had the important assignment of installing a temporary supply pole. This particular pole needed to be a type designed with easy access, as well as being able to feed power to four relocatable buildings on a local commercial site. Not only was the whole task something which really required patience […]

Electrical Contractor Berwick – Power Points

Berwick electrical contractor

In this assignment, our client was a retail outlet in Berwick which is a really nice suburb that’s come a long way from its beginnings as a tiny country town back in the day. With all the surrounding nature reserves and parks around, our electrical contractors in Berwick appreciate this refreshingly stress-free area and hence they […]

Electrical Contractor Mt Eliza – Power Points

Mt Eliza electrical contractor

Our electrical contractor in Mt Eliza recently took on an assignment in which a commercial building had experienced a fault in its power circuit cable. As a result, a number of power points within the property had stopped working the way they should be. Upon a thorough of the whole property, a Sparkys Now electrician […]