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Electrical Contractor Berwick – Power Points

In this assignment, our client was a retail outlet in Berwick which is a really nice suburb that’s come a long way from its beginnings as a tiny country town back in the day. With all the surrounding nature reserves and parks around, our electrical contractors in Berwick appreciate this refreshingly stress-free area and hence they are motivated to do whatever jobs that they’ve been tasked with.

For this retail outlet, the job of our electricians was setting up the power connections for a set of advertising signs that were to be placed right in front. This involved the use of cranes, and when it comes to the word “crane” most people typically think about massive construction cranes which are used to erect tall buildings and skyscrapers. That is actually not the equipment used by our electricians.

Berwick electrical contractor

Our Sparkys Now electrical contractors in Berwick do not operate cranes of that size or stature. When it comes to jobs like this one, they might be using a medium size crane or hoist multiple times within the day. We also have our electricians perform maintenance work and they might use a crane to take out an old motor before operating it once again to set up the replacement motor. Or they might utilise a hoist as part of mounting a panel in order to position that panel exactly at the ideal height.

electrical contractors Berwick using crane

Once our electricians installed the advertising signs for the retail outlet at the beginning, it was a matter of connecting the lighting supply and then testing the unit. The results were positive so that meant in the end, everything we did was executed correctly and accurately.

Repair job Berwick commercial signage

Sparkys Now provides licensed electricians who are able to serve clients around Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs & the Mornington Peninsula. We offer fast same day service usually within the hour. Contact us now or call us by landline at 1300 856 242

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