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Electrical Contractor Cranbourne – Emergency Breakdown

A commercial factory was experiencing some issues related to the circuit breaker on the power circuit. This required immediate action from an electrical contractor in Cranbourne.

Our staff did an inspection of the site and once they stumbled upon the associated cable, it turned out that a rat or rodent had chewed through an entire section of the cable, as much as 500 mm in length. This was the direct cause of the short circuit problems experienced inside this factory.

Cranbourne electrical contractor

The unfortunate reality is that rodents enjoy biting and chewing on wires. Some might do it in order to sharpen their teeth. Others are prone to doing so when they’re panicking or trying to hide and see that a wire is getting in the way. There are rats that probably do it just for the sake of it or simply because they can. So if you find any gnawed wiring within your home or property, make sure to address the damage immediately and consider arranging for a rat removal service.

Cranbourne electrical contractor

Thankfully, our electrical contractor in Cranbourne knew how to approach the situation here. In general, it can be quite difficult to locate the affected area of a power cable, especially if it is responsible for a building as massive as a factory. But the good news was that due to the exposed nature of the cable network in a factory environment, once our electrician spotted it, the fixing part ended up becoming much easier. And of course, solid skills and experience played a big role in that.

What our electrician did was replace that section of cable with brand new cable, as well as junction boxes. And eventually, the problem was rectified.

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