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mains box in carrums downs

Sparkys Now Electrician in Carrum Downs – Mains Box Repair

We recently assigned our electrician in Carrum Downs an emergency repair job for the mains box of a residential home. This property had an 80 amp single phase fused mains connection box, on which the point of attachment had burnt out due to a bad connection.

Sparkys Now electrician Carrum Downs fused mains box

As is the case with most other lights and power breakdowns that stems from a faulty connection, the energy supply authority disconnected the overhead service to the property for safety purposes while we worked on replacing the damaged mains box. It was after our licensed electrician in Carrum Downs finished the job and Sparkys Now issued an apt Safety Certificate that the supply authority reconnected our client to their power. Fortunately for the client, that period of time in between without home electricity running was not very long.

Carrum Downs home connection problem fused mains box

Our electrical contractor in Carrum Downs did a thorough and flawless job here. Going through the tasks and steps seamlessly, he showed just how much of a skilled professional a Sparkys Now electrician truly is. It is part of the reputation that we strive to maintain day in and day out, project after project.

Sparkys Now electrical contractors have high regard for being organised and accurate, as well as working with integrity from the moment they arrive in any residential home, building or commercial property. We don’t believe in cutting corners or doing things half-heartedly. Our electricians take a lot of pride each time a client smiles and feels satisfied about the results of our efforts. And we are definitely happy with how that’s usually been the case.

Sparkys Now are known to provide high quality electrical contractor service for clients in Carrum Downs as well as other neighbouring suburbs in the Melbourne South East region. We offer fast, same day services that are usually within the hour. Contact us now or give us a call at 1300 856 242.


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