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Sparkys Now Electrician in Berwick – Cable Repair Service

This job handled by a Sparkys Now electrician in Berwick was a fairly challenging one. It was essentially about repairing the cable of a residential home, but the actual spot and source of damage took about two and a half hours to locate. There was a certain amount of time needed for cutting away plaster as the area comprised an inaccessible part of the ceiling cavity.

The problem was directly caused by rodent activity. It is typical of rats to bite and chew on cables even if they’re located in really tight spaces or corners. Some rats may do it as a means of sharpening their teeth. Others are prone to doing so to increase the size of their access point. Then there are rats which do it just for the sake of it, simply because they enjoy it. So should you spot any gnawed cable or wire in your house or building, be sure to address this issue immediately. Then set up traps to bait these rodents or make arrangements for a rat removal service.

Electrician in Berwick cable repair service

Despite the difficulties with the tight space and limited location of the fault, our licensed electrician in Berwick ultimately did a thorough and complete job. Going through all the steps seamlessly, he showed just how professional Sparkys Now electricians really are. Utmost professionalism is what we strive to maintain day in and day out, regardless of the assignment or the client.

Our electrical contractors value precision, accuracy and working with integrity when it comes to any house, building or property that needs servicing. We are not ones to cut corners or exert just half the effort. Complete customer satisfaction matters to us.

Sparkys Now offer cable repairs, light installations and other services for clients in Berwick and other neighbouring suburbs in the Melbourne South East region. We provide quick, same-day services usually within the hour. Contact us or call us by dialing 1300 856 242.


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