8 Electrical Warning Signs in Your Home

8 Electrical Warning Signs in Your Home

Electrical safety is such as important thing to consider in any household. Not only can a small fault cause a lot of inconvenience, at its worst it can also cause a lot of damage and become a serious danger to you and your family.

We’re strong believers that every household should be on top of their electrical safety. This shouldn’t be something that is only considered when an electrical issue arises, but it should be a safety measure to prevent any problems from occurring in the future. However, if you aren’t a household that regularly has their electrical systems checked, here are warning signs of electrical dangers in your household. Find out more below…


Have you noticed your lights flickering more than just occasionally? This may be an indication that there are some loose connections in your system or you have voltage fluctuation. If your light bulbs fluctuate between being too bright or too dim, or you notice them burning out too quickly, this may be another indicator of voltage fluctuation.


While the smell of smoke is usually a warning sign that there’s something wrong, an electrical fault might be at play if the smoke also smells a bit acrid. ‘Off-smelling’ smoke is a tell-tale sign that there may be some sort of electrical fault, which may be the beginning of an electrical fire within the walls of your home. If you have any signs of a short circuit occurring, you should remove the fuse or turn off your circuit breaker until an electrician can check this for you.


Noises such as clicking or buzzing whenever you turn on a switch should be an indicator that there may be faulty wiring or loose connections within or close to the electrical outlet.


If you ever hear scurrying or movement in your walls and ceilings, you should be wary of rats or mice chewing through your wiring. Not only will this cause problems in your system, but it can be the cause of potential electrical fire.

Circuit Overload

Circuit breakers are designed to shut off when the system becomes overheated. However, if you find that your circuit is prone to shutting off constantly, there might be a chance that your circuit is overloaded, or there may be a ground fault or short circuit.

Switch Plates

If your outlets or switch plates have a tendency to overheat even when they’re not in use, these are likely caused by improper wiring. You might need to flip the circuit breaker or remove the outlet’s fuse until you can get professional help.


Sparks from an outlet should be considered a potential for electrical fire. Sparking means that you’ve got a short circuit. However, if it’s the appliance itself that is sparking, then this is likely a faulty product that needs repair. If sparks are coming immediately out of your electrical outlets – this is an electrical issue. Ensure that you unplug it immediately and seek a professional electrician.

While not all of these electrical issues necessarily pose immediate threats such as house fires – if the issues aren’t addressed in the long-term, it may cause more damage and become increasingly dangerous. If you’re experiencing any of these electrical issues are require electrical help, contact Sparkys NOW at 1300 856 242, to get your electrical faults fixed.