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Why You Should Hire a Licensed Electrician

It is important to hire a licensed electrician for domestic or commercial electrical jobs. It’s essential for sustaining the safety of yourself, as well as everybody else on the premises. Apart from being electrical experts ourselves, we’re sure that people of any industry can vouch for any sort of professional job being completed correctly the first time. When it comes to power and appliances, this is a critical step to prevent the likelihood of danger or future problems occurring. So why should you hire an electrician rather than trying to complete the job yourself?

Training & Expertise

These people are knowledgeable and experienced in their area of work as they need to undergo training and testing before they’re able to call themselves licensed electricians. Not only do they need to master certain skill requirements, but they are also required to complete a set number of hours of practical work. This means that they’re not only testing well on paper, but they have tested their skills out in the field.

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Credit: Garry Knight

Quality of Work

With hours of rigorous training, you’re almost guaranteed that the output of a licensed electrician’s work will be of significantly higher quality than somebody who isn’t licensed. So rather than a toss-up between whether it will be sufficient work or an overloaded system and house fire waiting to happen, you can sleep well at night knowing quality work has been completed on your electrical systems.

Guarantees & Insurance

In many cases, you’ll find that licensed electricians will offer some sort of guarantee, pass inspection or warranty on their work for a set period of time. Licensed electricians are also insured, meaning that you don’t need to worry about the cost of damage to your home if it were to occur.

Sparkys Now actually guarantees our workmanship for life.

Sparkys Now electrical contractors fix fuse damage


A critical area in licensed electrician training is the aspect of safety. A licensed expert will be able to quickly identify and respond to any potential dangers on the worksite. Before beginning any work, they will be able to uncover any potential hazards that could cause danger to a home or any of the occupants. This helps to keep your home or workplace safe and secure.

Sparkys Now are licensed electricians servicing Langwarrin and surrounding areas. Should you be looking to hire a licensed electrician in the Melbourne South East that can help with general or 24/7 emergency electrical issues – contact Sparkys Now at 1300 856 242.


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