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Electricity Outage Information For Victoria

List of electricity networks in Victoria and their outage information.

Power outages are inconvenient at best, and nothing is more frustrating Than calling an electrician only to find your electricity network is down.

Here you will find electricity outage information for Victoria.

On this page you will find your service area so you can check your supply status. A few things to remember however

  • Outage information may be incorrect, or the distributor may be in the process of updating their outage maps
  • outage information usually takes at least 30 minutes to go live, so it won’t be on their site immediately.
  • You can check your supply status by checking your electricity smart meter, if there is no display the power is out on the supply side, if you have a display you’ll need an electrician, click here for contact info
  • Even if your neighbours each side have power you can still have a supply disruption.

First thing to do is identify which distribution network you live in, you can check this on the included map in this post, its either to the right or at the bottom of the page depending on your divice.

Simply locate your networks outage information on the links below.

Click Here for the United Energy Outage Map

Click here for United Energy faults and emergencies.

Click Here for the Ausnet
Outage Map

Click Here for Ausnet Faults and Emergencies

Click Here For Citipowers Outage Map

Click Here for Citipower Faults

Click Here For Powercore Outage Map

Click Here for Powercore Faults

Click Here for Jemena Outage Map

Click Here for Jemena Faults


Victorian electrical distribution network
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