Sparkys Now Electrician in Frankston – Meter Panel Upgrade

Electrician in Frankston Electrical Service

Our domestic Electrician in Frankston took on an assignment that involved a meter panel and switch board repair for a customer’s workshop. Such an upgrade was quite important given that this client was a mechanic who needed the horse power to run three phase equipment and motors in his workshop.

Electrician Job Workshop Switch Board

Basically the job was about upgrading from a 240-volt single phase to a 415-volt three phase supply. The whole process began with the decommissioning of the old single phase supply by the supply authority. This was followed by a fair deal of tearing down and building up – cables got replaced and re-attachments had to be done. Afterwards the reconnection of the new supply was made.

Electrician Replacing Upgrading Meter Panel

Electrician in Frankston Meter Panel Repair

In the end, an authorised private electrical inspector came over to check all the work that our licensed domestic Electrician in Frankston had completed. His task was to confirm that everything had been executed both correctly and accurately. That was the case indeed. So our client could now proceed with running his workshop with the necessary power and energy for his tools on a daily basis.

New Meter Panel Sparkys Now

This assignment is one example showing how Sparkys Now electrical contractors really aim to exceed, and not just meet, their clients’ expectations. So it doesn’t matter what kind of job they are given or how long of a process it might end up taking. From the minute they enter any home or commercial building, they handle things with integrity, organisation and true professionalism. That is the reason why we are consistently able to receive positive feedback from clients who express complete satisfaction with the job we have done.

Sparkys Now prides itself in offering quality electrical contractor service for clients based in Frankston and the rest of Melbourne’s South East suburbs. We provide fast, same-day services usually within the hour. Contact us now or you can reach us by landline at 1300 856 242.


Electrical Contractor Mornington – Switch Board

Mornington electrical contractor

In the suburb of Mornington which rests nicely along the Mornington Peninsula, the job our electrician was tasked with was replacing a commercial meter panel. Our electrical contractor in Mornington found out that this panel had unfortunately been vandalised and set on fire.

Mornington electrical contractor

Mornington, due to its proximity to the beach and distance from the congested urban environment of Melbourne’s CBD, is an ideal spot for tourists, vacationers or even those who keen to go on a sea side holiday for the weekend. That is why we at Sparkys Now understand the negative impact a faulty meter panel could have on stores and businesses here.

Mornington electrical contractor

This was actually a 4-shop commercial meter panel and due to its size and coverage, the entire replacement process took six weeks as this particular panel needed to be custom made and shipped on-site. However, it did not mean the shops affected by the panel had to be closed off during that period of time. Our electrical contractor in Mornington was able to provide them with generators supplied by Sparkys Now.

Mornington electrical contractor

Ultimately, we were able to complete the meter panel replacement and these shops could run with their own power once more. Aside from the slight inconvenience that our clients experienced in waiting several weeks, there were no real issues which had to be dealt with. Our electrician knew exactly how to approach the situation and execute the plan accordingly.

Mornington electrical contractor

What we at Sparkys Now aim for is not just meeting but exceeding our clients’ expectations. We value doing all our work with integrity, accuracy and organisation from the moment we enter a building or property. We only pride ourselves when clients are completely satisfied, something which we have consistently been able to make happen.

Sparkys Now offer electrical contractor service for clients based in Mornington and the rest of Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs. We provide fast same day services usually within the hour. Contact us now or reach us by landline at 1300 856 242.


Electrical Contractor Job Frankston

Frankston electrical contractor

Our licensed Frankston Electrician has previously worked on a job for a domestic property in Frankston, a suburb along the eastern shoreline of Port Phillip that’s continuously growing and expanding. This home, in particular, has been around since back in the 1960s. So by just knowing that alone, we were expecting to do a number of different tasks which were essential.

Electrical Contractor Frankston repair assignment

Our electrical contractors in Frankston discovered that the panel and frame switchboard was in a pretty poor condition. In fact, it had been burnt out, and that equals a potential fire hazard for any building. So with the necessary care and diligence, we replaced the existing switchboard with a new switchboard

Also, we made sure that the new one was designed with both safety switches and a circuit breaker. We at Sparkys Now understand electricity, its relationship with fire and the damage these two can cause in a matter of a spark. That is why we’re not ones to underestimate the importance of having a switchboard at home which has all the modern safety features included.

It was also in this property that we performed the task of safely removing asbestos. The problem with these old and outdated switchboards is not just the fact that they become a fire hazard, but also how more often than not, they are lined with friable asbestos. If you accidentally inhale asbestos in large quantities, the asbestos fibres can aggravate your lungs and cause them to scar. That can lead to shortness of breath and other health problems over time. Our electrical contractors in Frankston are licensed to perform asbestos removal safely, so you can certainly trust us for this kind of job anytime.

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