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Sparkys Now Electrician in Mornington – Bathroom Repairs

Our Sparkys Now electrician in Mornington was contacted for a domestic home repair job in the area. The problem was spotted and identified immediately. The bathroom unit, which is designed for powering up the bathroom light, fan and heating, had stopped working due to old age of the fitting and prolonged exposure of the electrical connections to the heat generated by heat lamps.

Repairing this bathroom unit took a series of steps and required a number of tools. But the assignment in its entirety was not unfamiliar to our licensed electrician in Mornington. He approached the job with patience while doing everything as skillfully and efficiently as possible. All of those traits are what make Sparkys Now electrical contractors stand out in their line of work.

Appliance fan repair by electrician in Mornington

Day in and day out, no matter the scope of the project or who the client is, Sparkys Now electrical contractors give the utmost importance to professionalism. Not only are they organised and precise with each task on their agenda, but they work with integrity from the second they set foot in any residential home, commercial building or property.

Our electricians never try to cut corners to settle for exerting half the effort when it comes to any assignment. The reality is they thrive on being able to deliver complete customer satisfaction at the end of day when their client sees the results. It is only when clients show they are happy with the service that they feel great and take full pride in doing what they do. Thankfully we have realised that to be the case on a consistent basis.

Sparkys Now are known to provide high-quality electrical contractor service for clients in Mornington as well as neighbouring suburbs in Melbourne’s South East region. We offer fast, same-day services which are usually within the hour. Contact us now or give Sparkys Now a call at 1300 856 242.


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