Sparkys Now Electrician in Mornington – Bathroom Repairs

bathroom repairs mornington

Our Sparkys Now electrician in Mornington was contacted for a domestic home repair job in the area. The problem was spotted and identified immediately. The bathroom unit, which is designed for powering up the bathroom light, fan and heating, had stopped working due to old age of the fitting and prolonged exposure of the electrical connections to the heat generated by heat lamps.

Repairing this bathroom unit took a series of steps and required a number of tools. But the assignment in its entirety was not unfamiliar to our licensed electrician in Mornington. He approached the job with patience while doing everything as skillfully and efficiently as possible. All of those traits are what make Sparkys Now electrical contractors stand out in their line of work.

Appliance fan repair by electrician in Mornington

Day in and day out, no matter the scope of the project or who the client is, Sparkys Now electrical contractors give the utmost importance to professionalism. Not only are they organised and precise with each task on their agenda, but they work with integrity from the second they set foot in any residential home, commercial building or property.

Our electricians never try to cut corners to settle for exerting half the effort when it comes to any assignment. The reality is they thrive on being able to deliver complete customer satisfaction at the end of day when their client sees the results. It is only when clients show they are happy with the service that they feel great and take full pride in doing what they do. Thankfully we have realised that to be the case on a consistent basis.

Sparkys Now are known to provide high-quality electrical contractor service for clients in Mornington as well as neighbouring suburbs in Melbourne’s South East region. We offer fast, same-day services which are usually within the hour. Contact us now or give Sparkys Now a call at 1300 856 242.


Sparkys Now Electrician in Mornington Peninsula – Solar System Installation

Electrician in Morning Peninsula for Solar System Work

We had our Sparkys Now electrician in the Mornington Peninsula work on a project involving a considerable amount of digging, building and connecting. It was basically an underground assignment in which our electrical contractor did a power upgrade to facilitate the installation of a 10 kilowatt solar system on the roof of a property.

Given the nature of the project and scale of the affected area, this project consisted of different sub-tasks which had to be followed in a particular order. The first part comprised the more physically demanding activities of underground trenching work, which was why service truck appointments had already been pre-arranged.

This was then followed by the installation and supply of the new 3 phase consumers mains and the new switch board. Shortly after, there came the part of distribution network paperwork, as well as the inspection and certification of the completed works done through a third-party private inspection company.

Our licensed electrician in the Mornington Peninsula went through all the necessary tasks seamlessly. Like the true professional he has always been, our electrical contractor fulfilled each step thoroughly and was able to finish this multi-phase project without cutting any corners.

That is exactly the kind of reputation that Sparkys Now continues striving to uphold. We have got a high regard for working with integrity, organisation and precision from the minute we set foot in any house, building or commercial property. We take real pride every time a client smiles and tells us that they are completely satisfied with the results of all the hard work we have put in. Thankfully that has consistently been the case.

Sparkys Now offers electrical contractor service for clients who are based in Mornington Peninsula as well as other suburbs around Melbourne’s South East region. We provide quick, same day services usually within the hour. Contact us now or call our landline at 1300 856 242.


Electrical Contractor Mornington – Switch Board

Mornington electrical contractor

In the suburb of Mornington which rests nicely along the Mornington Peninsula, the job our electrician was tasked with was replacing a commercial meter panel. Our electrical contractor in Mornington found out that this panel had unfortunately been vandalised and set on fire.

Mornington electrical contractor

Mornington, due to its proximity to the beach and distance from the congested urban environment of Melbourne’s CBD, is an ideal spot for tourists, vacationers or even those who keen to go on a sea side holiday for the weekend. That is why we at Sparkys Now understand the negative impact a faulty meter panel could have on stores and businesses here.

Mornington electrical contractor

This was actually a 4-shop commercial meter panel and due to its size and coverage, the entire replacement process took six weeks as this particular panel needed to be custom made and shipped on-site. However, it did not mean the shops affected by the panel had to be closed off during that period of time. Our electrical contractor in Mornington was able to provide them with generators supplied by Sparkys Now.

Mornington electrical contractor

Ultimately, we were able to complete the meter panel replacement and these shops could run with their own power once more. Aside from the slight inconvenience that our clients experienced in waiting several weeks, there were no real issues which had to be dealt with. Our electrician knew exactly how to approach the situation and execute the plan accordingly.

Mornington electrical contractor

What we at Sparkys Now aim for is not just meeting but exceeding our clients’ expectations. We value doing all our work with integrity, accuracy and organisation from the moment we enter a building or property. We only pride ourselves when clients are completely satisfied, something which we have consistently been able to make happen.

Sparkys Now offer electrical contractor service for clients based in Mornington and the rest of Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs. We provide fast same day services usually within the hour. Contact us now or reach us by landline at 1300 856 242.