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Electrical Contractor Skye – Emergency Breakdown

Our electrical contractor in Skye was contacted and hired for an after-hours emergency repair service for a commercial property. Being in the electricity and repairs business, we understand the fact that sometimes issues related to electrical cables, mains boxes or ceiling lights must be taken care of immediately for major safety reasons.

It turned out that for this specific building, a roofing plumber had relocated a riser bracket mounted on the facia of the property in order to make room for new guttering. However, this was an illegal alteration that ended up causing an accident later on when a painter working on the same building got electrocuted after touching the bracket.

Skye electrical contractor emergency electrical cable fixing job

The good news was that no other accidents came about afterwards. Our electrical contractor in Skye worked on repairing the affected bracket knowing exactly everything that needed to be done in the right order. In fact, staff members of Energy Safe Victoria and WorkSafe Victoria also got involved in the process due to potential safety concerns within the property that needed to be addressed. All the cables were redone, taped and set up properly and carefully.

Skye electrical contractor cable repair service Electrical Contractor Skye repairing cable

The entire job was not completed until around 1 o’clock in the morning. But by no means did our electrician complain as he is a true professional. All our licensed electrical contractors know the importance of flexibility and urgency in their line of work. When it comes to any repairs or installations of lights and power in commercial properties, we take the concept of safety very seriously. We are strongly against taking shortcuts or cutting corners regardless of the time of the day or how large the property is.

Emergency repair service electrical contractor Skye

What we at Sparkys Now aim for is not just meeting but exceeding our customers’ expectations. We offer electrical contractor service for clients based in Skye and Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs.

Sparkys Now can provide fast same-day services usually within the hour. Contact us now or give us a call at 1300 856 242.

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