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Electrical Contractor Mt Eliza – Power Points

Our electrical contractor in Mt Eliza recently took on an assignment in which a commercial building had experienced a fault in its power circuit cable. As a result, a number of power points within the property had stopped working the way they should be.

Upon a thorough of the whole property, a Sparkys Now electrician discovered that the cable itself had been significantly damaged due to a poor connection during the actual installation. For the most part, it was a rather straightforward process for the electrician when he had to repair this connection accordingly. But that did not change the fact that he went through a fair bit of difficulty given the location of the fault, as it was in the eave of the property and under roof tiles.

Mt Eliza electrical contractor cable repair job

Nevertheless, our electrical contractor in Mt Eliza worked hard and handled everything like the true professional he is. He made use of a replacement cabling as well as a 240-volt junction box. In the end, not only was our client’s problem resolved, but they were completely satisfied with the way our electrician went about the entire job.

Mt Eliza electrical contractor electrical cable repair using volt junction box

That is essentially the core of our services at Sparkys Now. We take a lot of pride in being able to deliver full and high-quality customer service with the aim of bringing complete customer satisfaction. We value doing our work with real precision and time efficiency. So you can certainly count on us for any electrical services you might need such as lights installations or cable repairs. We absolutely enjoy serving clients around Mt Eliza considering how nice and laid back the environment is, as well as how easily accessible the beach is from residential streets.

Sparkys Now provide electrical contractor service for clients based in Mt Eliza and in Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs. We provide fast same day service usually within the hour. Contact us now or reach us by telephone at 1300 856 242.

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