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Electrical Contractor Job Frankston

Our licensed Frankston Electrician has previously worked on a job for a domestic property in Frankston, a suburb along the eastern shoreline of Port Phillip that’s continuously growing and expanding. This home, in particular, has been around since back in the 1960s. So by just knowing that alone, we were expecting to do a number of different tasks which were essential.

Electrical Contractor Frankston repair assignment

Our electrical contractors in Frankston discovered that the panel and frame switchboard was in a pretty poor condition. In fact, it had been burnt out, and that equals a potential fire hazard for any building. So with the necessary care and diligence, we replaced the existing switchboard with a new switchboard

Also, we made sure that the new one was designed with both safety switches and a circuit breaker. We at Sparkys Now understand electricity, its relationship with fire and the damage these two can cause in a matter of a spark. That is why we’re not ones to underestimate the importance of having a switchboard at home which has all the modern safety features included.

It was also in this property that we performed the task of safely removing asbestos. The problem with these old and outdated switchboards is not just the fact that they become a fire hazard, but also how more often than not, they are lined with friable asbestos. If you accidentally inhale asbestos in large quantities, the asbestos fibres can aggravate your lungs and cause them to scar. That can lead to shortness of breath and other health problems over time. Our electrical contractors in Frankston are licensed to perform asbestos removal safely, so you can certainly trust us for this kind of job anytime.

Sparkys Now electricians are able to serve clients around Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs & the Mornington Peninsula. We offer fast, same day service usually within the hour. Contact us and give us a call now at 1300 856 242.

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