Sparkys Now Electrician in Carrum Downs – Mains Box Repair

mains box in carrums downs

We recently assigned our electrician in Carrum Downs an emergency repair job for the mains box of a residential home. This property had an 80 amp single phase fused mains connection box, on which the point of attachment had burnt out due to a bad connection. As is the case with most other lights and power breakdowns […]

Sparkys Now Electrician in Berwick – Cable Repair Service

repair job berwick cable

This job handled by a Sparkys Now electrician in Berwick was a fairly challenging one. It was essentially about repairing the cable of a residential home, but the actual spot and source of damage took about two and a half hours to locate. There was a certain amount of time needed for cutting away plaster as […]

Sparkys Now Electrician in Mornington – Bathroom Repairs

bathroom repairs mornington

Our Sparkys Now electrician in Mornington was contacted for a domestic home repair job in the area. The problem was spotted and identified immediately. The bathroom unit, which is designed for powering up the bathroom light, fan and heating, had stopped working due to old age of the fitting and prolonged exposure of the electrical […]